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"Creating a Path for College Success"

Are You on Track to Be Successful in College?

What Should You Be Doing?

Geared toward your specific grade level, what are the things that you should doing to be prepared to go to college. Learn which standardized tests you should take, the advantages and disadvantages of advanced placement classes,  about career technical elective classes, and more.

Finding the Best Fit College

There are thousands of colleges to chose from. We help you identify characteristics of the college environment that are most important to you. We show you how to utilize computerized tools to effectively research colleges. We give tips on making the final decision on where to attend.

Applying to College

You've identified where you want to go. Now, how do you stand out. We go through the college application process. We provide tips on building a resume, getting good letters of recommendation, writing interesting essays, and finding scholarships.

Do You Have the Tools To Be Prepared For College?

Time Management

Learn practical techniques for managing time more effectively. Learn how to deal with procrastination, how to get more done, and have less stress. This is a critical skill that can be used for a lifetime.

Decision Making

Learn how to effectively decide between options. Learn practical tips and examine how to gather information, set goals, and solve problems. This is a critical skill that can be used for a lifetime.

How to Work in a Group

Learn how to effectively work in group setting to achieve a task or accomplish a goal. Tips on how to be productive, how to foster creativity, how to ensure everyone contributes, and more. This is a critical skill that can be used for a lifetime.

College Preparation

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Success Tools

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We Help Teens Create a Path for College Success!

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